Happy Birthday - Floral Stickers Perfect for Whatsapp

Happy Birthday - Floral Stickers Perfect for Whatsapp

Here is an amazing collection of beautiful floral stickers for birthdays. These lightweight images with transparent background can be sent as is, but you can also convert them into stickers* for Whatsapp. The gorgeous textures which are brought in by the fascinating watercolor layers will definitely spread smiles. 

*These are only for personal use -- send them to your friends/loved ones, but do not redistribute them on websites or apps.
They are lightweight and have a transparent/translucent background, but You have to convert them for using as WhatsApp-Stickers yourselves.
Of course, you can send them as is, but the transparency is replaced by white color when you send them in WhatsApp as simply images. You could use them as overlays too.
Tip: Choose a sticker whose color matches with the background of the photo you want to use it with.

We have appropriate rights to all the fonts, image elements used.
If you would like us to personalize something for you with these designs, get in touch! 

Birthday-Wishes Sticker -- Pink watercolor flowers around ribbon
An ensemble of pink flowers around a ribbon with all the beauty of watercolors. The calligraphy script adds to the charm of your Birthday Wishes If you still think pink is just girlish, you are being quite churlish! Send it to a man who is not "dependent" on specific colors for masculinity.
Watercolor Peonies - Bright Happy Birthday Wish Sticker

Peonies! Bright and happy sitting in an arrangement to underline the beautiful Happy Birthday Text with transparent background.
You could overlay this on an image with your birthday boy or girl, or use it as a sticker too!

Pink and Purple Magnolia flowers frame

Stunning watercolor magnolia flowers playing hide and seek in this beautiful square frame. Happy Birthday Text features in the center!
This combo of Script and Sans makes the entire sticker vivacious!

White text, pink outline, overlaying pink roses

Loudly Pink! The beautiful Happy Birthday script with all the glory of swirls is outlined in pink and overlays Bright Pink Roses! 
A loud and bright wish for someone who needs and will love all that pink!

Subtle Red watercolor background Happy Birthday Brush Script floral

Layers of beautiful subtle red pouring in from the top, but giving a wide berth to the watercolor floral arrangement which has subtle flowers splashed with a few bright red ones, and the Brush script which is used to wish Happy Birthday looks as graceful. 

Blue Watercolor Floral Happy Birthday Brush Script

Let's face it, shades of blue fascinate so many hearts! So here it is, a beautiful birthday sticker with transparent background, framed at the two corners -- blue watercolor spreading from one side and the other is adorned by beautiful blue florals. We won't go as far as saying have a blue birthday though! 

Yellow floral frame with card stock old paper cutout -- happy birthday script

Wish Happy Birthday with this beautiful script on a textured old paper cutout with yellow flowers on the top and bottom! 

Watercolor shape and florals for this sticker in shades of orange and brown

Gentle, subtle florals to contrast with a watercolor shape with deep edges and rich color. The swirl of the Happy Birthday Script is of course the bonus of this classy sticker. 

Pink Peony Single flower happy birthday sticker

Something about this solo pink peony makes it so romantic! A gentle glow and a funky font to balance the seriousness of the situation! It's a birthday sticker after all!

Happy Birthday - Multicolor watercolor floral

A pattern with such rich colors of watercolor are spread all around, that it made sense to use a paper cutout to keep beneath the beautiful Happy Birthday Script.

happy Birthday Purple Hibiscus florals

Mauve (ish) Watercolor background covering a large triangular portion, and beautiful purple flower arrangements adorning a corner. This sticker contains deep love, just like the richness of it's deep shades. Happy Birthday! 

Happy Birthday purple floral wreath design

Watercolors just steal the show with their mystic textures and layers. So here is a purple watercolor circular shape surrounded by a beautiful floral wreath with some purple and some white flowers and some cool foliage. The script itself is so glorious! It's the perfect companion of its colorful background.

Simple Blue Happy Birthday Floral Sticker

Happy Birthday script with gradient of rich blue shades and a dancing baseline. And along with that, a beautiful bunch of watercolor flowers feature in this Happy Birthday image to make it soothing and simply elegant.

Happy Birthday Scribbled over a Green watercolor background

Light and dark and light again, here is our green bargain! Happy Birthday Sticker with a green watercolor background and white flowers. The script feels as if it's just scribbled through. So Happy Birthday -- have it as messy and as wonderful as this sticker!

Happy Birthday - A Tiger Lily and Gold Geometric Frame

A Tiger Lily to send some courage! After all Birthday Bumps can be daunting! A geometric gold frame to add to the charm and a Royal looking Font for the Happy Birthday Text. So, in a nutshell we can send this to royalty. Kind of.

Simple orange and White Floral Birthday Sticker

White color script written with as a twig of the white flowers in the corner of this sticker. And a burnt looking brownish orange watercolor background. This is simple, and just does the work. Happy Birthday, indeed.

Violet Pink Floral curve Geometric frame birthday Sticker

Happy Birthday Violet script with beautiful violet pink floral curve. This curve could bring an equally curved smile on your loved one's face with all the brightness of the golden frame around it.

Watercolor Deep Wine Floral Pattern Happy Birthday Diamond Frame

A script with delicate edges here and there with deep wine florals and a diamond shaped frame. This has all t's crossed and all i's dotted if you're looking for something special for someone special. 

Deep violet Watercolor background, gold frames and while florals - Happy Birthday

Not just a birthday sticker, this one could be a promise of something more, if you interpret it that way. Perspective matters they say, so this something more could be a promise of a mystical night full of surprises like these gold frames and scattered messy white florals. 

Gold Happy Birthday Sticker with Blue Black Floral Background

The last one for this collection. A lot of Gold. Golden Script, also golden petals glimpsing from between dark blue florals and deep black background. Notice the cages? You could make them a symbol of something. Anything you like.

So have fun with these. Copy and simply paste in WhatsApp to send as a simple image, or be more innovative and pick an apt picture, and enjoy overlaying with the transparent backgrounds (They are png images with alpha channel)