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Happy Birthday Specimen of Species "Good Husbands"

Funny Birthday message to the one belonging to rare species of "Good Husbands"

Good Husbands. Ah, the species as rare as it is sought after. If I own the perfect specimen of the species, I should attest, and appreciate. Happy Birthday, Mr. Perfect. 

Happy Birthday Husband - from the Background

Birthday wish for an Workaholic husband

A Lovely Demand of performing a switch. Let love be in the foreground. 

Goosebumps - For Husband's Birthday

A naughty birthday wish for husband with subtle innuendo.

Fear, in mild doses, can be good. Happy Birthday, dearest Hubby.
Were you thinking of another cause? For Goosebumps? 

Birthday Quote for Childlike husband - Funny

Funny Birthday Quote for Husband

"All women should know how to take care of children. Most of them will have a husband some day."

Birthday Poem for Husband - Memories

Happy Birthday Husband - A poem - an expression of happiness and gratitude

A love filled poem for expressing happiness for being with your husband, for appreciating his presence, his little gestures, and gladness that he is yours.

Funny Husband Birthday Quote

Funny Joking Quote for Husband's Birthday

"A good husband is never the first to go to sleep or the last to awake in the morning."
Take a lovely jibe at your husband's sleeping routine on his birthday.

Husband's Birthday - Dream come True

Happy Birthday Husband image poem

Happy Birthday, to my husband who is my every dream come true. I can't help falling in love with all over again every day.

Happy Birthday Husband - Butterflies

A romantic birthday wish for Husband - Even Today...

A special Birthday Wish for a husband who is the savior of his wife's romantic dreams, who still makes her experience those symptoms of early days.

Happy Birthday Hubby - Moments of Joy...

A simple poem for husband's birthday. A beautiful silhouette - a scenic beach sunset.

A birthday wish full of gratitude and love for a husband who keeps adding shining pearls of moments of joy to the garland of life.

Happy Birthday - Message for a Supportive Husband

A heartfelt wish for a supportive husband

Without your support dear husband, I wouldn't have made it this far. Thanks for being an amazing, understanding friend.
-- A heartfelt wish for a supportive husband.

As time goes by...

Happy Birthday Hubby -- Love you more and more each day as time goes by

Time is flying away... what would be a better day to realize this than your birthday love. And also that this thing between as is refusing to fade away... instead... it just keeps growing.

Birthday Video eCard for a Naughty Cute Daughter

A birthday video card for a daughter who is as naughty as cute, and keeps her parents confused. Some cute little animations for a precious princess.

Birthday eCard for a Protective Daughter

Birthday eCard For a Protective Daughter

Birthday eCard for a Daughter who has become as protective as her mother was for her.

Beautiful Rose for Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Birthday Rose eCard for a Beautiful B'day Girl

What could be a better way to wish a beautiful girl than sending her a beautiful Rose...  

Birthday eCard for Daddy's Little Princess

A Daughter who takes her parents' hearts away

A birthday eCard for a lovely daughter who takes away her parents' hearts with a smile, from a doting father. Happy Birthday Daddy's Little Princess!

Funny Birthday eCard for a Daughter - Naughty and Cute

Daughter Birthday eCard - Naughty or Cute

A birthday eCard for a daughter who is as naughty as cute. And her parents are quite confused. :)

Birthday eCard for Daughter from Mom - Rollercoaster Ride

Birthday eCard for Daughter from Mom - Life is a Rollercoaster Ride

A birthday wish for a wonderful daughter from a mother who wants her to enjoy the Rollercoaster Ride of Life.

Happy Birthday Brother - Funny Video Card

A funny video card for a naughty brother who got you into a lot of trouble.

Funny and Teasing Birthday eCard for Brother

Funny eCard to tease a brother

An eCard for a brother who is just apparently naughty, and thus gets more than his share of scolding.

Happy Birthday Brother - eCard to Cherish Childhood Memories

Birthday eCard for Brother - Cherishing Childhood Memories

An eCard Cherishing Childhood memories, and expressing gratitude for a brother who is a blessing to have.

Birthday eCard for Brother - Affectionate Hug

Brother Birthday eCard - Affectionate Hug

A birthday eCard for a dear brother. A heartfelt sincere birthday wish with a short poem and an Affectionate hug.

A Bright N Happy B'day - Yellow Blossoms

Bright yellow flowers for wishing Happy B'day

For someone whose heart is as bright as the flowers in the eCard - Here's wishing a warm, and bright and very happy b'day

Happy Birthday Sister - When I am Thinking of

Happy Birthday Sister - A beautiful Rhyming Message - a Heartfelt Birthday wish for a beloved Sister

Birthday eCard - Delicious Treats

Wishes for Having a Birthday with Delicious Treats - Happy Birthday

Birthday eCard for Special Person - Gem of a Person

Birthday eCard for a Special Person - who is Brilliant, yet simple. Someone who is a true friend - Gem of a Person

Funny Birthday eCard - Birthday Painkiller

A funny B'day Wish! For a friend who badly needs a painkiller for common birthday!!

Witty Birthday eCard - Thinking of Crocodile

A witty B'day Wish! For a friend on whose B'day mind gets reminded of a crocodile!

Birthday Wish For Someone Special

B'day eCard to that someone special.. who has made your life so sweet, that you don't wanna wish him/her just Happy Birthday!! Instead you wanna wish a Honey B'day!!

Belated Happy Birthday - Funny eCard - Consistently Missing B'day

Belated Happy Birthday - Funny eCard for someone whose b'day is being missed year after year... quite consistently :)

Birthday eCard - Six Petals

Six petals to make the birthday joy six times.

Birthday eCard - Enjoy with Statistics

Birthday eCard featuring the quote: "Birthdays are good for you, statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest."

Birthday eCard - Confident Flower

A birthday wish for someone with a beautiful smile... a beautiful red rose whose confidence could be ruined by the beautiful smile

Birthday eCard - Flower looking bright and kind

Flower looking bright and warm and kind, for someone with matching personality...

Birthday eCard - for an Evergreen Person

Birthday eCard featuring quote - "Either you are green and growing or you are ripe and rotting." for a person who never stops learning, who never stop growing, who is Evergreen

Birthday eCard - Happy Birthday, Just Like That

A nonsensical Funny little poem to bring a smile - happy birthday - just like that

Birthday eCard - Virtual Cake

Funny Birthday eCard with yummy looking cake - off course - a virtual cake, from someone who can not bake

Birthday eCard - Flower not as beautiful as

A birthday wish for someone beautiful... so beautiful that even a beautiful flower can not compete...

Birthday eCard - Good Wishes are like water

A musical video eCard with beautiful pictures featuring flowing water to sprinkle lot of joy on birthday

Birthday eCard - Surprises and Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers and wishes of wonderful surprises to mark the beginning of an excellent New Year of Life

Happy Birthday - Purple Flower with 3d text

Simple and Bright Birthday ecard with purple flower

Simple and Bright Birthday wish with purple flower and 3d text Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday - Raindrops on Bright Pink flower

Ecard for wishing Birthday - Raindrops on Bright Pink Flower

Beautiful shining Raindrops on Bright Pink flower - for wishing a sparkling birthday

Honey Birthday - Sweet Birthday Card with Honey Bee

Ecard with Pink flower Featuring a honey bee

For a different person - A unique birthday wish - not just happy birthday, but Honey birthday with a bright pink flower and honey bee

Happy Birthday - Fresh Fragrance of Multicolor Flowers

Happy Birthday - Fresh Fragrance of Multicolor Flowers

A Colorful Birthday wish with multicolor flowers - 3d text with Rhyming Message - short poem highlighting the Fresh Fragrance of Flowers.

Happy Birthday - Bright Red Yellow Color Beautiful Flower

Birthday ecard with bright Yellow Red Flower and yellow outlined 3d text

Wish someone Happy Birthday with this bright Yellow Red Flower and yellow outlined 3d text.

Happy Birthday - Wishing you Blossoming Success - Bright Yellow Blossom

Happy Birthday ecard to wish blossoming success

An ecard to wish blossoming success this year and all the years to come, with a bright and fully blossomed yellow flower.

Happy Birthday - Multiple Pink Flowers for Fun, Surprises and Magic

Ecard Multiple Pink Bright Flowers - short poem to wish Happy Birthday

An ecard with Rhyming Message to wish Happy Birthday - Multiple Pink Flowers for Fun, Surprises and Magic - An Assortment of Excitement for the day.

Birthday Wishes for Special Bright Person

Ecard Bright Yellow Flower - Special Person

A bright ecard containing Birthday Wishes for a Special and Bright Person. Yellow flower in the image is a beautiful blossom and will definitely brighten the receiver's spirit.

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