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151 Birthday Wishes for Husband - Poems, Messages and Quotes

151 Birthday Wishes for Husband - Poems, Messages and Quotes

Your husband’s Birthday is a special day in your life. You might be planning for a surprise party for him, or maybe just a quiet dinner for the two of you. You may have even found a perfect gift for him, but might be looking for a few words full of love, something to remind him of a memory you both created long back, something which could make him smile, may be rolling with laughter. Such an expression of love would make your husband feel so special, that the warmth of it would lit your hearts for a long time.

Here are a whopping one hundred and fifty-one wishes for you to choose from. You could, of course, improvise or personalize them to suit your unique bond with your husband. All these wishes are original, crafted with love to help you express yourself. There are some amazing birthday images for husband's special day as well, feel free to send them to the love of your life.


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Happy birthday Husband - 151 Birthday Messages - Cover Collage

Romantic / Loving Birthday Wishes 

These wishes are totally full of love. They are sure to bring a smile to your man's face.

If they sound sappy to you, by all means, move on to the ones dripping with sarcasm.

  1. I could be so easily biased while praising you.
    You are the love of my life after all.
    But then, time and again, things you do make me realize what a gem of a person you are.
    I fall in love all over again with you, and I think, there is actually no need to be biased.
    You are an amazing and wonderful person, even if I look at you without my rose red spectacles of love.
    When I put them on though, you are… simply Dazzling. May we celebrate a dazzling birthday together, Sweetheart.

  2. My love for you has never known any bounds,
    These wings of adoration have known no grounds,
    Secured in your love, I am always flying high,
    I love you more n’ more, each day, as time goes by
    Happy Birthday, to the love of my life…

  3. People keep asking me the secret of the glow on my face. Now, how I should tell them, it’s not me it’s you… That when you look at me in a particular way, I feel glorious inside out. And this daily dose of the look of love is all I need to glow. Inside out. Happy Birthday, to the glow of my heart.

  4. I used to be a brave woman. Then I met you. And I truly understood fear. Fear of loss. When you have someone so precious, fear is unavoidable. But I don’t mind being afraid. It’s part and parcel of having you, after all. Love you a lot. Happy Birthday, dearest hubby. 

  5. I believe in Karma. I am proud of my boundless good deeds in all my births. One birth, after all, wouldn’t have sufficed to be blessed with you, honey. You are the best husband! Love you to bits. Happy Birthday.

  6. Your birthday… a perfect day for me to feel blessed. Blessed with your presence, your unconditional support, your guidance, and your boundless love. Falling in love with you was as effortless as falling… Thanks for being you, love you a lot. Happy Birthday.

  7. Sometimes, I am glad you are not able to see yourself through my eyes. You’d be so arrogant! Happy birthday, from your wife and your biggest fan. Love you a lot.

  8. Your birthday is my day to celebrate. After all, this is the day God chose to send you as a gift for me. Happy Birthday to my dearest gift.

  9. As a child, I believed in fairy tales. When I grew up, I started doubting them. But you have brought back the magic with your love in my life. Thanks to you for our version of happily-ever-after, honey. Happy Birthday to my love, my husband.

  10. When I married you, I was a little scared… of what the future would hold for both of us, of what would be the destiny of our relationship. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself, stop being silly, you just struck gold! You have a heart of gold, honey. I am too lucky to have found you. Happy Birthday, keep glittering.

  11. I always wished that we would be equals in this partnership of marriage. I accept we are not — and not grudgingly. You always make me smile! Always, no matter how difficult my day has been! I might not be that great at moment, but I believe in healthy competition hubby, I would reach there eventually. Wish you a birthday full of smiles, laughter and great surprises sweetheart.

  12. With your decency, your chivalry and all the goodness of your heart, you swept me right off my feet… and I am still flying high.   Can’t thank you enough for being in my life. Happy Birthday.

  13. I am not gonna lie by saying I don’t want anything else now that I have you. Of course, I want more… more moments of happiness that I can share with you, more beautiful memories that I can create with you. But I am gonna be honest and tell you this — without you, none of this would have mattered. Love you madly, deeply and forever. Happy Birthday.

  14. I am not Royalty, but you do make me feel like the Queen… of your heart. Thanks for making me feel so desired, so special and loved. Happy Birthday to the Incontestable King of my Heart.

  15. I have heard people say, nothing is indispensable. I beg to differ. Our togetherness is indispensable. Your presence in my life, your boundless love, your inspiration, and encouragement… all are indispensable. I love you. Happy Birthday.

  16. When I think of us, I keep wondering, what did I ever do to deserve you? Must have done something tremendous, or I just must be God’s favorite. Happy Birthday to my Blessing Personified.

  17. All these gifts and messages? They are just the trailer. The movie will begin when the lights go off. Happy Birthday.

  18. Time and again, self-doubt attacks me. But, when I look into your eyes, so full of love and concern for me, I instantly feel stronger, inspired, capable. You mean the world to me, Honey. Happy Birthday.

  19. It has been a long time. But still, it just takes one look of desire. Gosh, I am so glad we chose each other. Happy Birthday, Hubby.

  20. All this time we have shared together has been magical. I hope that the magic in our lives continues to sparkle. Happy Birthday.

  21. As a child, I was a believer of magic. Then I grew up. But then I found you and I realized, magic has many versions. You are the magic of my life, my very own version of it, Sweetheart. Happy Birthday.

  22. Before I met you, I didn’t know that hearts are designed in pairs. I am glad I found you… living half-heartedly wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Love you a lot, my better half. Happy Birthday to my Loving Husband.

  23. I got you a gift, but I still felt something’s missing. I have not said thanks to you for being so amazing throughout. So Thank you, and please don’t change ever. Love you a lot. Happy Birthday.

  24. Your presence in my life adds a whole new dimension to everything — happiness, enthusiasm, dreams… even my spirit of fighting benefits when we quarrel. But I love the way we make up later — it’s worth all the fighting. Happy Birthday, Honey.

  25. I thought, that with time both the butterflies in my stomach and stars in my eyes will subside. But you still have the same effect on me Mr. Husband. I am glad the number of your birthdays is ineffective. So, we can celebrate many many more of these. Your birthdays I mean. Happy Birthday, Love.

  26. When I used to see a shooting star, I used to ask for love. Lots and lots of it. But now that I’ve found you, sweetheart, I just say, let me be as blessed as I already am, forever. I wish I continue to deserve you in my life. Happy Birthday, Darling.

  27. My friends might say we were the most insufferable engaged couple. I would tell them, we are worse now. Let’s have another Romantic Birthday Sweetheart.

  28. Here is the perfect Acrostic Poem for my Hubby:
    H - Hunk
    U - Uber Smart
    S - Sensational
    B - Bold
    A - Awesome
    N - Naughty
    D - Dynamic

    Happy Birthday, love.

  29. Love enters life in all shapes and sizes. For me, it was __ feet __ inches. Happy Birthday to my “Tall Order” of happiness.

  30. Falling in love with you has made me rise in life with delirious happiness. May your birthday is also full of these happy moments.

  31. When you hold my hand, it feels that just like my hand my life is also safely cocooned in your warmth. Happy Birthday to my “Warmer”.

  32. Before I met you, I didn’t know I have a “thing” for broad shoulders. Now, I do. Or maybe I just have a thing for you. And your Birthday too. Let’s have a party! Happy Birthday to the hunk of my heart.

  33. Every special day of our life that we celebrate, I always notice this twinkle of mischief in your eyes. These eyes of yours, can’t they wait till we’re alone? To be honest, I am glad they can’t. I can’t either. Let’s have a great birthday bash together, honey.

  34. Your birthdays are not scary. You are always gonna be young at heart. Happy Birthday to my Forever young husband.

  35. Why should I get you a gift? You are getting the gift of hotter, sexier look every year anyway. Happy Birthday to my always Hunkier than last year Husband.

Deep / Emotional / Inspirational Wishes for your Husband's Birthday

  1. I never needed anyone to complete me. But your presence in my life is an unbelievably beautiful enhancement. You enhance my vision, the way I perceive and absorb things, the way I grow towards becoming a better person. So yeah, I didn’t need anybody to complete me. But now that I have you, I can’t imagine feeling content without you. I can’t imagine being without you at all. Thanks for enriching my life with such fulfilling love. Looking forward to sharing all of your birthdays, all of your life. Happy Birthday, love.
  2. Each flight you take, each mile you make, towards the success of your dreams, I want you to know, I am right behind you honey — to support you, to tie each loose end, to be a worthy life partner and friend. So, soar high. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Happy Birthday.
  3. Before I found you, I used to think, all this fighting among couples is horrible. But with time I have realized, that each time we fight and makeup, we create a memory. A Sweet apology, genuine grief for a mistake that hurt, and an improved understanding. I think each fight we have, is worth it. But I won’t fight with you on your birthday, I promise. Happy Birthday, to my handsome fighter.
  4. It’s not that I was leading a meaningless life before I met you. But you sure add a whole new dimension to my existence. I love you. Happy Birthday.
  5. Your birthday is the best day for me to express my gratitude to the lord almighty for blessing me with your love. May our togetherness remains blessed forever. Amen.
    Happy Birthday to my beloved Husband.
  6. None of the relationships I’ve seen are perfect. And we have had our own share of “storm in teacup” too. But I think they were all tests designed by destiny for the team we are as a couple and we’ve passed in flying colors. Happy birthday to my wonderful teammate.
  7. We have celebrated your birthday in different ways. So many times. And yet I feel we need to be even better this time. You deserve the best after all. To the best husband, I could’ve asked for — May you have the best birthday to date.
  8. For being my solid rock in every storm,
    For attempting to pluck out each thorn,
    For the pillar of strength, you have been,
    For bringing unexpected joy, unforeseen,
    And for all the wonderful things you say,
    I want to thank you on your special day,

    Happy Birthday!
  9. The never-ending showers of love,
    The enormous faith you place in me, 
    The sea of patience that you become,
    When I am having a rather difficult time,
    I don’t know how to express all of this,
    All this love I have always had for you,
    This Gratitude that continues to grow,
    Deeply, Madly, Forever is not enough,
    I need more words, but it’s too tough,
    So let it be, I’ll just give up and say…
    I love you. Happy Birthday, Dearest Hubby.
  10. When people thought you are making a mistake, I thought differently. When people felt you would fail miserably, I felt differently. When people were sure you shouldn’t have taken risks, I was sure otherwise. Why? It was because they didn’t know you the way I do. I have complete belief in you, and I always did. And thanks for proving me right time and again. Keep taking risks. Keep believing in your instincts. I do, and I am with you, always. Happy Birthday.
  11. Sometimes, life is too hard on us. And this takes its toll on my behavior. I know I am not a pleasant companion at times, and I am sorry for that. On your birthday, I want you to know that I realize my shortcomings and I am working hard to become the life partner you deserve. Happy Birthday, love.
  12. May this birthday marks a beginning of a successful year in your career, a year in which you enjoy good health, a year where not just your friends, but even your opponents accept your caliber. Have an awesome birthday and a great year.
  13. Who says we don’t go for a vacation? You always take me with you on your 365 days long trip around the sun! May we have many more of these trips… our togetherness each year is worth a million vacations. Let’s start the brand new one! Happy Birthday, Hon.
  14. When people wish you on your birthday, I am thinking, shouldn’t they be wishing me instead? After all, it was the day the source of my happiness was sent to planet Earth. Happy Birthday to you, I mean me.
  15. Sharing my life with you feels so natural, as easy as breathing in fresh air. And celebrating all these special days with you is as amazing as breathing in breeze loaded with wonderful fragrances. Happy Birthday, let’s breathe in the fun overloaded.

Sassy / Funny / Sarcastic Wishes

These wishes are for husbands who appreciate Humour and don't mind a little fun at their own expense. 

  1. Another Birthday. Yeah, we are getting old. But aging with you feels like being a fine wine. The older we get, the finer we become. Together. Let’s savor this aging togetherness, my love.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say, please don’t forget to put the milk in the refrigerator. And by the way, Happy Birthday.
    (Replace with any other chore your husband does for you ;) )

  3. On your birthday, I want you to know… I am the second best thing that ever happened to you. Wondering what’s the first? Hey, that’s what we are celebrating today. After all, I couldn’t have happened to you if you weren’t born! Happy Birthday, dear husband.

  4. On your birthday, I want you to understand something important. I didn’t know you snore when we got married. But I am putting up with it. Remember this next time you complain about things you claim you didn’t know before our wedding, dear hubby. Happy Birthday, with lots of love.

  5. On your birthday, I wish… but you have me! How lucky you are! What else should I wish for? We shouldn’t be too greedy, don’t you think? Happy Birthday.

  6. I know I am not perfect. After all, I had to compliment you, my dear. Maybe both have another imperfectly beautiful year together. Happy Birthday, the hunk of my heart.

  7. It’s your birthday, and I wanted to wish you the best of what you deserve. But then I thought, how will you continue to have me, honey? So, Happy Birthday and may you get (and continue to keep) even better than what you deserve.

  8. Your company is like a special pizza. Each slice is full of spice, a special surprise topping, but of course, each one is with mouthwatering stretchy cheese. Don’t let your dirty mind wander too much. Wish you a delicious birthday.

  9. You have brought such joy to my life, that I feel your birthday is my day to celebrate. So I got gifts for myself. Umm, maybe there’s one for you too. Happy Birthday, dear husband.

  10. They say they feel glad for being hold and comfort. Gah! I am glad for the action that comes later. Thanks for not just holding me! From a wife who is still crazy about you, Happy Birthday my Hero!

  11. Your birthday wish is the one I tend to get the most generous. After all, I get a share in all the good things! So, may you have a lot of fun (half mine), awesome gifts (I’ll keep the ones which are suitable), fabulous surprises (we’ll decide what to do with those on a case by case basis), and last but not least, if your friends still think you’ll enjoy them, lot’s of birthday bumps! (Well, I don’t want you to think I am selfish, so you can keep all of those)

  12. I am glad we got married because if we hadn’t, we would have remained friends. And you would have burnt with jealousy. And I don’t really like that smell of burnt things. Happy Birthday to my adorably possessive Husband.

  13. On this birthday, you are going to get a lot of sweet things, honey. Apart from cakes and chocolates, I mean. No more hints. All I am gonna say is, patience is the key and night is just a few hours away. Lots of love, Happy Birthday.

  14. They say, with each passing year, a couple’s understanding improves. But too much understanding is bad honey. I know exactly when are you going to burp. That’s not the kind of knowledge I cherish. I do cherish you though, Love you, Happy Birthday.

  15. Birthday gifts have many versions. Some of them are for public viewing, with others we have to be more discreet. So, be ready for your real gift. Happy Birthday to my Handsome Husband.
  16. How much do I love you? So much that I could leave coffee for you. Not that you would ask me to do it, being the fabulous husband you are. ;) Love you a lot. Happy Birthday.

  17. They say it’s very difficult to forget your first love. Well, I would say, if you’re married to your first love and he behaves like an idiot time and again, it’s quite easy to forget how you felt about him then, and very easy to look for stuff to throw at him. Since it’s your birthday, I’ll just throw a flower at you. Or maybe cake.  Depends upon how mad you make me. Happy Birthday.

  18. It is said that aging is compulsory, growing up is optional. With the number of books you are reading, I can sense you are growing up twice as fast as you’re aging. Slow down Sweetheart, it’s also said that too much of a gap in a couple leads to all sorts of problems. Okay, I just made that one up. But don’t you dare ignore me because of those books. Happy Birthday.

  19. Happy Birthday to the eldest child of the family. I think I deserve an award for putting up with another growth-less year of your life.

  20. Hubby Birthday, Happy. No those weren’t typos. I just wanted my wish to be unique, like our relationship.

  21. You don’t like my choice, so I’m giving you a gift card. Just kidding, couldn’t let go of this chance of bargain! Happy Birthday, to the best bargain I ever got.

  22. Ageing Sucks. But then I realize your age will always be more than mine… Your Birthday is a great reminder, let’s celebrate! Happy Birthday, to my “oldy-goldy” husband.

  23. I feel as special on your birthday as I feel on my own. After all, you continue to get gifts that I can claim as my own. P.S.: I will be grabbing a few this year too. Happy Birthday to both of us!

  24. My life is a story, and you are the most important turning point there ever was. After all, the chaos you leave behind every day makes it as if everything has turned upside down. Hoping against hope that this year along with aging you will grow up a little too. Happy Birthday.

  25. Colorful is not a compliment men appreciate. But how do I help it? You ARE the rainbow in the sky of my life. You add charm, interest, and those colors too which I might not like after all. But the whole package is good. I’ll take it. Every time. Happy Birthday.

  26. The best part about your birthday is, I get more cake than the birthday guy! Love stealing your share, honey. Happy Birthday, may you have many more. (And I get many more pieces, of divine sweetness!)

  27. If Birthday Fun was a Lemon, I did squeeze the very last drop for you. But since it’s lot, let’s just get some extra cake. Happy Birthday, Sweetie pie.

  28. Happy Birthday, hubby. Now, what’s your birthday gift? Well, I will be cleaning up after your party with your friends tonight. What else can you ask for?

  29. Having fun is not inversely proportional to age you know. Just cheer up a little my hero. Happy Birthday!

  30. Birthdays are the days when everyone tries to be nice, with all these exaggerated praises. Don’t let all the praise go to your head, Hubby. Happy Birthday, and oh, you are awesome.

  31. You are awesome, and your birthday deserves more recognition. Since Government is not going to announce it as a National holiday soon, I declare it as a family holiday. Happy Holiday cum Birthday, Hubby.

  32. I love the dreamer in you. But you travel to another planet sometimes! So I have to do stuff to keep you grounded. We belong to Earth, honey. We need oxygen. I can give you masks and cylinders sometimes though. Happy Birthday, love.

  33. You claim your only concern is my happiness. So, why did you watch FIFA when you know I hate Football? Just kidding. I can tolerate your happiness too. Sometimes. Like on your birthday. Have a happy one.

  34. You sometimes behave like Carbon Dioxide. Don’t worry, I can get into photosynthesis. I will handle you no matter what. I owe that our good neighbors. Happy Birthday.

  35. I used to dream of maintaining yearly wish-lists for the process of your annual growth… with time I have realized that daydreaming is not worth my time. Happy Birthday to a husband who will never grow up. PS: I do love you despite this. Lucky you.

Extended Quotes

  1. “A good husband has to depend on having a good wife.” ~ Jimmy Carter.

    So now when I compliment you for being the best husband in the world, you would know who is it that I am actually complimenting. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

  2. “A good son makes a good husband.” ~Proverb

    In my experience, I’ve found this to be incorrect. You are… a great son. But an even better husband! Gotcha. Happy Birthday.
  3. “Being a good husband is like being a good standup comic: you need ten years before you can even call yourself a beginner.”
    ~ Jerry Seinfeld

    But you are so adorable at this beginner level! I don’t mind if you stay there. Happy Birthday, to one hell of a beginner.

  4. “The relationship between a husband and a wife should be one of closest friends.” ~ B. R. Ambedkar

    I am glad we have a relationship even better than closest friends. We are each other’s best friends, and we quarrel so much, that we are always well practiced for opponents.

  5. “A woman must be a genius to create a good husband.”
    ~ Honore De Balzac

    Well, now you know why I don’t appreciate you in public. It would be praising myself! Although, it ain’t bragging if you have done it. Happy Birthday to my Awesome Husband!  

Easy Companionship

  1. Everyone knows I love a steaming mug of Coffee. But you know what? I enjoy my mug the most with you. Happy Birthday to my perfect Coffee Companion.

  2. Being with you is my solace from all the stress life keeps throwing at me. Thanks for being you. Happy Birthday to my stress buster.

  3. This relationship is so new, but I feel so comfortable with you as if we’re together from ages! Maybe we have this connection from a different ancient time. Happy Birthday to my ancient companion.

  4. When I got married to you, I knew I am marrying a good man, but what I didn’t expect was to get a great new understanding friend in you. Thank you for this unexpected friendship and everything else. Happy Birthday.

  5. I haven’t ever had as an amazing friend as I have found in you. Your appreciation for little things I do means a lot to me. Happy Birthday.

If your Husband is Travelling or Working Far Away

  1. Being away from you on your special day is terrible. I am missing you a lot, and we will definitely make up for the missed celebrations when you’re back. Happy Birthday to my beloved husband.
  2. I was already missing you badly, and now your birthday has come too. How I wish we were together. Happy Birthday, don’t enjoy too much without me.
  3. Since I was missing you badly, I have consoled my heart with promises of consolation. Each time I think of you on your birthday, you owe me a kiss. I have already earned 442 since morning. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
  4. Although we are not together, I want you to celebrate your special day with a blast! So, have a birthday bash. Miss you, love you a lot. 
  5. Happy Birthday from this faraway land. Next time make sure we are together. For this time, your very “personal” belated gifts are packed away to be given “in person” when you’re back.

Including Fatherhood in your Birthday wish for Husband

  1. When our child was born, I didn’t know you will be such an awesome father. Thank you for being the best dad, and a better husband. We both (/all) love you a lot. Happy Birthday.
  2. Sometimes, I am jealous of the rapport you have with our son/daughter. But you are both so adorable together, that I have decided to not act on this jealousy. Happy Birthday, to the best dad, and my loving husband.
  3. Honey, on your birthday, I want you to know, that scolding is part of parenting. Don’t spoil our angel so much. A little bit is okay though. Happy Birthday to my darling husband, and the most doting dad I have met.
  4. It’s your first birthday we are celebrating with the little miracle we have created together. And I know you’ve fallen in love with her as much as I have. But you know what? I am jealous of her. She knows you since birth after all. Thank god I found you, better blessed with the best even if it’s a little late. Happy Birthday, Love.
  5. The joy with which your eyes are lit when you look at our children will never cease to tug at my heart. On your birthday, I want to say, I fell in love with just a bachelor, a hunky one. This doting dad persona is a bonus I didn’t anticipate - makes me love you a little more, each day. Happy Birthday.
  6. Who would have imagined that a sworn bachelor would be so good at being a dad that he would always be ready with parenting lessons for friends! With each year you age, you grow up enormously love, and you never cease to surprise me. Happy Birthday, may you get a lot of surprises yourself today.
  7. Our child doesn’t know this yet, but s/he has struck gold in Father’s Department! Don’t let his/her comebacks dishearten you, honey. It’s just a phase. Happy Birthday. P.S.: Can’t say this enough, you are a great Dad.
  8. I know it’s not common for a mother to feel this, but I am proud when I say this — you are a far better parent than I am. I’m always learning from you. May each year, your bond with our child gets even stronger. Happy Birthday.
  9. In this storm of life, I’m glad that the ship of our family has found the best anchor in you. And together we have found our own peaceful island of love & harmony. Thanks for being you, darling. Happy Birthday.
  10. Honey, I am jealous of our child! You have changed so much for him! You don’t mind being a clown, a cartoon or a horse for him. Okay, okay, that jealousy is all fake actually. I am just deliriously happy with the kind of Dad you are turning out to be! Keep at it, Happy Birthday.   
  11. Your eyes fill with pride and boundless joy when you look at the tiny humans we have created together, and I fall in love a little bit more with once-a-carefree-bachelor. Surprised that I notice? Well, I might look like a total lunatic these days with our young buddies, but I never cease to notice you. Happy Birthday to the proud Dad, and adorable hubby. 

Wishing your Husband on the Social Media

  1. People might say, what’s the need to wish on Social Media? He’s with you, wish him personally. But I can’t help it, I simply love to show you off. Happy Birthday to the most supportive, caring and phenomenally inspiring husband in the world.
  2. On your birthday, I want the whole planet to know, that I am as smitten as I was years back. But, since I have no means to contact everyone on Mother Earth, I thought your timeline would do. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Love you to bits.
  3. Dear Friends, today I am celebrating the bday of the most charming, most handsome, sometimes silly, sometimes funny, but mostly so sharp that he always cuts into my problems, demolishing them. No awards for guessing. Happy Birthday to my Dearest Hubby.
  4. All my well-wishers in my friend-list would be really glad to know that my husband has survived my company another year of his life. Let’s congratulate him and wish him Happy Birthday.
  5. It’s a special day for our family, and I want to share our happiness with all of you. We are today celebrating a day, to which I and my kids owe a lot. It’s my husband’s birthday. He is the soul of our family. Our Anchor. We would be lost without him. And we all want him to know this:
    We value the person you are. Thanks so much for all that you do, more than we come to know. May your Birthday brings a lot of extra joy to your heart.   
Facebook Timeline - true mirror of my life
Facebook Friends, I am Deliriously happy on Hubby's B'day
Facebook Time line, please make this post shine

Wishes for SMS/Texts

  1. If age was to be decided by reducing enthusiasm, people would think you’re still a teenager. Happy Birthday to my young-at-heart-forever Husband.
  2. Dear Husband, it’s your birthday. So for a change, would you stop being a mobile addict for today? BTW, Happy Birthday.
  3. Hey hubby, Happy Birthday! I have your day packed with gifts and surprises! Consider this text as the first. Don’t worry, I’ve more than words for the rest.
  4. You are with me. So why am I texting you? Because I want to have a record that I didn’t forget your birthday the next time we argue after you forget mine, honey. Have a Blessed Year. If you don’t forget this time that is.
  5. Happy Birthday, Dude! I have already wished you, but couldn’t help myself… texting is such a nice way to reminisce all the awesome time we spent together before we became Mr. and Mrs.   


Short Messages for Gift tags

  1. This gift is just a placeholder till we are alone and I can give you the real one. Till then, try to have a great birthday. (Later, having a great time would be effortless, I promise)
  2. To the best human created by Lord Almighty.
    Happy Birthday!
    From your biased admirer, & your unique friend.
  3. To my Best friend ++
    from your Best Friend ++
    For the Best Birthday Ever! 
  4. To my favorite object of observation,
    From your most constructive critique.
    Have a Flawless Birthday!
    PS: Your tie was perfectly Crooked today.
    (Mention any other flaw, if he didn’t wear a tie)
  5. I know I am the best gift for you. But this might compete for the position of second best. Happy Birthday.
  6. This gift is excellent for you. Not perfect though. That would be me. Happy Birthday.
  7. If you are crazy about anything other than me, I hate it with vehemence (including Football). Still got this for you, I must love you too much. Don’t dare you to ignore me though. Happy Birthday.
  8. I am sure you’ll love this gift. Don’t fall too much under the spell or you will risk my jealousy. Happy Birthday.
  9. A gift that’s an Ultimate Smart choice by an Uber Smart wife for an UltraSmart Husband. Don’t worry, it’s not an Umbrella. I am just obsessed with U. Happy Birthday
  10. You are one of a kind, dearest Hubby, so I got you something that’s unique too. Happy Birthday.
  11. Warning: Recipient has reportedly assured that he has an excellent sense of humor. Consequences of false reporting are not the wife’s responsibility.
    Happy Birthday.
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